As a fully staffed consulting firm, Rubix offers it's client a full suite of products to help with their needs. These products include investment management, employee logistics, and general business management consulting services. 



Rubix is actively pursuing investment in the renewable energy sector with a focus in the Middle East, North Africa region. Our focus is specifically on working with manufacturers to bring their technology into these countries so they can meet localization requirements which are driving the project development award decisions. Through existing Rubix partnerships, we have deep ties to decision makers in these areas.

We are actively seeking technology partners to service each sector of the photovoltaic market, including panel manufacturers, inverter manufactures, and balance of plant products.

Our goal is to develop a complete vertical supply chain solution in this sector including project development.


Rubix offers full employee logistics services to it's foreign clients. These services include full service housing, transportation, cultural awareness, visa and concierge services. Should your employees need to attend training in the United States, Rubix can handle all aspects of your project.